Wednesday’s Weekly Wrap-Up (October 10/12)


It’s time for Wednesday’s Weekly Wrap-Up, where you get a chance to catch up on any of our crafts and activities that you may have missed in the previous week.

This past week we’ve been busy playing outdoors and exploring some of nature’s finest fall treasures (I’ll post about that later this week), so I have only one new craft to share with you today!  But it’s a beauty!

As well, I’m featuring some of last year’s Hallowe’en crafts, which I’ve re-shard on my blog and my facebook page as part of our Happy Hooliwe’en Countdown.

As always, the crafts that we make here are easy and inexpensive, and you can simplify them for the youngest of crafters.  We love to re-use and re-purpose, so most times, the materials can be found in your pantry cubpoards and recycling bin.

OK!  Here we go!

We spent a couple of days last week, working on the following project.  Painting the pasta was an activity in itself one day, and the following day we used it to create these awesome Hallowe’en wreaths!

Painted Pasta Boneyard Wreath

(I told you it was a beauty!!)

And now for the old favourites that I shared last week!

Monster Hands

Oreo Mummy Pops

Cotton Ball Ghosties

Hair Gel Sun Catchers 

Paint Print Ghosts

and lastly, our goofy but loveable painted Jack-o-lanterns!

If that doesn’t put you in the mood for some good, old spooky crafting and creating, I don’t know what will!

If you’re looking for more our Hallowe’en crafts and activities, be sure to check out the Hallowe’en Category here on the blog!

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See you there!


I can’t wait to put together this year’s Hallowe’en Sensory Bin! In the meantime, check out last year’s Spooky Bin! The Hooligans had a blast with it!


With Hallowe’en approaching, I’ve been itching to change-up our sensory bin.  The Hooligans had a lot of fun with our fall bin, and played with it many times through-out September and October, but I “retired” it this past weekend and used many of the pieces to decorate my Thanksgiving table. 🙂

So, Saturday night, I dug out the Hallowe’en goodies and handed them over to Andrew (seen above, in his jammies), and he pulled it all together for me.

He started with orange lentils and dried black beans (I picked up both at the Bulk Barn about a month ago).

Everything else, I either had on hand here, or had picked up at the Dollar Store: beaded necklaces, witches fingers, plastic skulls, foam bats, Hallowe’en rings and erasers, a large pipe-cleaner/styrofoam spider, and some awesome battery-operated flicker candles.  I love flicker candles, and was really happy to find some…

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Here’s another Hallowe’en favourite from the archives! These were surprisingly easy to make and a huge hit with Hooligans big and small.

I made these adorable little guys for the Hooligans last year at Hallowe’en.  Really and truly, they are very easy to make, so don’t, for a minute, think you can’t do this!   I first ran across them at How Does She?,  There’s a beautiful step-by-step tutorials for both the Oreo Mummy Pops, and her any-occasion Oreo Cookie Suckers over there.  Check them out!  Her photos are gorgeous, and her instructions are a a little more detailed than mine, but here are the basics:

You’ll need:

  • Oreo Cookies,
  • White Candy Melts (I get mine at the Bulk Store)
  • Sucker Sticks
  • Candy Eyes (I just used chocolate chips)
  • Baking Sheet lined with Waxed Paper
  • Ziplock Sandwich Bag (for making your mummy look like a mummy)
  1. Melt your Candy Melts in a double boiler or in the microwave.  If you’re using the microwave, heat in SHORT intervals, stirring well every 20 seconds…

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I was looking at the pictures the fall trees that we made from arm and hand tracings, and it gave me the idea for the craft that we did today:  Monster Hands!

I mentioned a while back that the local paint shop gave us some expired wall-paper sample books.  If you can get your hands on a book or two for yourself, do it!  I just asked, and the store manager happily handed FIVE books over to me.  He said they just throw them out once they become outdated.

Wallpaper samples are AWESOME for crafting with, and beat the pants off paying for pricey scrap-book paper when it comes to kid’s crafts.

We chose some nifty green samples to trace hands and arms onto.

The Hooligans then glued fingernails onto the hands.  I cut the red fingernails from craft foam, and I used a styrofoam meat tray for the…

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painted pasta boneyard wreath

I have another very cool Hallowe’en craft for you today!  I wasn’t sure how this one was going to turn out because quite honestly, when I got the idea to paint some pasta “bones” the other day, I didn’t even know what we were going to do with them.

Painting the bones was fun and easy.  We poured a few different types of pasta into plastic containers, drizzled  some white paint over the pasta (we used leftover white latex paint but you could use acrylic craft paint), popped the lids on the containers and did gave them a good shake.

We spread our “bones” out on a styrofoam tray (it dried quickly), and left it for a couple of days while I thought what to make with them.

Today I cut some “wreaths” out of light-weight cardboard (think cereal box), and the Hooligans painted them with black Tempera paint.

I set out some googly eyes and and some foam Hallowe’en craft pieces, and the kids had a grand old time gluing the “bones” onto the wreath and adding their spooky accessories.

We punched a hole in the top of each wreath, and looped a piece of purple ribbon through for hanging.

How simple was that? And FUN, and so cool!?

For the record, this is the one that I made, just to give you an idea of how you can really load up your wreath with those “bones”.

Happy Hooliwe’en!

If you’re looking for more awesome Hallowe’en crafts, be sure to visit my Hallowe’en craft category!  You’ll find lots of spooky goodness there!  (when you get to the bottom of each page, just click on “older posts” to see more).

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